6 Seat Patio Seating Set With Frog Chairs

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Product Overview

Our versatile outdoor furniture set provides maximum flexibility. With movable modules including Folding Chairs(also known as Frog Chairs),Side Tables and Trolley all made of aluminum and teak wood, you can arrange the pieces to create your ideal space for any occasion. The set includes Frog Chairs, Coffee Table,two Side Tables and a Trolley. The unique Frog Chair design gives you comfortable seating while also folding for easy storage. You can choose from the options to design your perfect lounge area, seating space or both. This practical yet innovative set is perfect for outdoor leisure.  

• Durable and sustainable materials: The HDPE plastic Frog Chairs, aluminum frame and teak wood details make the set lightweight, weather-resistant and long-lasting.   
•Customizable modular design: With multiple modules to choose from, including Frog Chairs, you have the freedom to create your own unique space. Reconfiguring the set is as simple as rearranging the pieces.    

Ergonomic Design: chair ergonomic design, high degree of comfort.

•Material: Aluminum, teak wood, HDPE plastic 
•Frog Chair: 35.43”L * 30.7”W * 37”H, Overall width 30.7”, Armrest height 22.83”, Width 4.92”, Seat depth 19.29”, Seat width 20.86”, Seating height 14.56”.
•Coffee TableA: 55.11” L * 31.49”W * 11.81”H (with teak wood inlay)
•Coffee TableB: 47.24” L * 27.55”W * 11.81”H 
•Side Table: 13.77” L * 13.77” W * 17.71” H
•Trolley: 31.10” L * 19.68” W * 32.28” H, Aluminum pipe: 1.49”*0.7”*59.05”
1. With all-aluminum wheels, aluminum wheels 7.08”.
2. Teak wood armrests with a diameter of 11.81”. The product has a laser-printed logo. 


set 1:only 6 frog chairs

set 2:6 frog chairs+coffee tableB

set 3:6 frog chairs+coffee tableB+2 side tables

set 4:6 frog chairs+coffee tableB+2 side tables+1 trolley

set 5:6 frog chairs+coffee tableA

set 6:6 frog chairs+coffee tableA+2 side tables

set 7:6 frog chairs+coffee tableA+2 side tables+1 trolley


 12 months

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