Anti-Fatigue Standing Desk Mat with Massage Pad for Office,Home Floor - black

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  • THE BEST STANDING DESK MATS: It is the first anti-fatigue mat designed specifically for standing desks. The same premium comfort mat material and similar next-generation terrain features in a smaller footprint.
  • SIT LESS AND STAND BETTER: Spend more time out of your chair and move more while you stand, with Direct Wicker meticulously designed ergonomic topography. Our infinite possible micro and macro movements provide a plethora of new and dynamic positions.
  • IMPROVE YOUR MOVEMENT WITHOUT EVEN THINKING: Direct Wicker Anti-Fatigue Standing Desk Mat terrain drives subconscious movement, stretching, and massage - unlike distracting balance boards and treadmills.
  • MAKE THE MOVE TO STANDING EASIER: You can reposition with just one foot, unlike normal anti-fatigue mats designed for kitchens. Grab back ramp with your heel or toe to pull the mat out from under your desk. Then just push forward to slide it back.
  • USE IT EVERYWHERE - At your office, work-study, or even kitchen - our Anti Fatigue Mat can be placed universally to fit your needs!


Size: 71.5 * 60.5 * 7.9 cm

Net weight: 2000 g + / - 8%

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