Direct Wicker Patio Coffee Table with Storage (UK Customer Only)

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Product Description

This quality All Wheather Crosson Wicker/Rattan Deck Box are designed to keep your cushions clean and dry. The storage box has a top lid that overhangs the sides, this is essential to stop water seeping inside. There is also a zip up cover on the inside the box for extra protection. The direct wicker crosson wicker/rattan cushion bin is a decorative and functional addition to your backyard. This storage box has an intricate wicker design, which lends it a captivating appeal. It can store your garden tools, toys, cushions and more. The resin wicker and aluminum frame construction ensures optimal strength and years of durability. This deck box is burnished with a brown finish. It has a hinged top, which provides easy access to your belongings. This crosson wicker/rattan cushion bin is weather resistant and its finish does not fade with exposure to the U.V rays.

 Product Dimensions:

LENGTH, 170cm

DEPTH, 77cm

HEIGHT, 95cm

Alu, , Assembly Required

Inside: 163x70x88cm

12 Months Warranty