Home folding treadmill, 15 preset programs, with LED display panel, with MP3/USB playback function, black.

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1. The treadmill has a novel appearance and is equipped with an adjustable display panel, which can accurately track your15 level 1 programs provide level 1 exercises. Exercise data, including distance, speed, time, calories and heart rate. Combination, very suitable for personal or family use.
2. The soft drop system enables the process to be folded when not in use to save storage space. Easier and safer. When the bottom (cab) is raised, it can be automatically locked. There is a kicking point to slow down and stay safe
3. There are three manually adjustable tilt buttons. Compared with non-incline adjustable treadmills, our three incline designs can help you burn more calories more effectively.
4. The foldable design does not help you to assemble the treadmill easily. It can also help you store/move the treadmill in a small space, use the transport wheels to move things, and then place the treadmill in the desired location.
5. The sturdy steel frame and multi-layer shielding design have the functions of shock absorption and noise reduction, which can withstand a weight of 220 pounds, bringing a better running experience, and maximum protection measures to prevent injuries during sports.
The treadmill uses a large multi-layer running belt to provide extra space for comfortable running, thereby making running safer and more comfortable. MoreThe important thing is that a wide running belt has better footsteps and is not easy to touch your feet.
15 preliminary programs can meet the different needs of your sports goals.
Simple one-button operation can help you enjoy the fun of running at home.
Pause function: While keeping the current data and running status unchanged, press the stop button to stop the belt and pause the operation. If you are too far
The safety key is kept away from the treadmill. You can turn off the treadmill to help you stay safe during exercise.