Multi-level cat tree--have cat scratching board with sisal rope, cat climbing column covered with sisal rope and 2 plush rooms, cat pet playhouse

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1. Strong and safe structure: cat tree is made of highly durable P2 environmental protection board, which can prevent cats from suffering from skin diseases. With its super strong structure, balanced design and strong base, the cat can easily and safely jump from the cat tree.

2. Stability: due to the exquisite design, cat tree looks lovely in your house. Each cat house is supported by a thin P2 environmental protection board partition to make the room and platform more stable. At the same time, the bottom base is thickened to ensure the stability of the whole cat tree, and anti dumping accessories are included to ensure double safety. Easy to assemble using the tools and instructions provided.

3. Spacious and comfortable: the cat's room has a large window, which is convenient for the cat to get in and out. Two spacious shelters offer super soft and warm lounges. Kenaf rope around the post helps to develop an active grip habit. Three high-end platforms let you enjoy the feeling of being at the top of the world. Sit down and look at the window. Multi layer structure design is convenient for cat to grasp, climb, sleep and exercise.

4. High quality plush fabric: multilayer cat tower is composed of high quality plush material, which is very soft and comfortable, safe and tasteless, and does not lose fluff. Your fluffy family members will love the fluffy feel and enjoy the new "explore and sniff" feature at home without scratching the furniture.

5. Thick sisal rope: the sisal rope string is wear-resistant in the production process. The coiled sisal string can help the cat develop an active grip habit, thus increasing the cat's interest in playing. Ladder connection design increases the cat's climbing fun. The fun of the frame makes it easy for kittens to enter the nest.

Product description


The cat tree is made of high quality plush material,

Make your cat feel soft and comfortable in his house.

Exquisite cushions, spacious houses, sisal handrails,

Multi layer design and quiet ball will provide a lot of game space for your kitten.

They can watch birds and squirrels from high, nap in the room, jump up and down, play with toys, or explore around the castle.

This cat house is big enough for big cats and interesting enough for kittens!

Cat crawler can also match the furniture in your room.


Features: the natural sisal rope is wound on the itchy post - the natural sisal rope has high elasticity

Interesting cat ladder integrated ladder can fully meet the needs of your cat climbing cat.

Climb the ladder naturally and provide more opportunities and curiosity for pets.