Outdoor Aluminum Seating Set With Table and Lounge

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Product Overview

Our innovative outdoor set provides ultimate flexibility as you can mix and match the pieces to suit your needs. The modular components allow you to customize your own space with endless possibilities.

The set includes rust-proof aluminum sofas, lounge chair, tables and side tables. You have the freedom to pick and choose which pieces to purchase - buy a sofa paired with a table, or add loungers and side tables. Create a lounge area, a seating set or both - the options are entirely up to you!

With its open and modular design, re-shaping your set is as easy as re-arranging the modules. This furniture set inspires creativity and suits your lifestyle. No longer settle for a predetermined pattern, you can DIY your personalized outdoor living space!

Our premium aluminum set is built to the highest standard for strength and durability, and covered by a 1-year warranty.


  • Lightweight yet durable: Aluminum frame is lightweight for easy handling but strong enough for outdoor use. 
  • Highly customizable: The middle sofa comes in 2 pieces with 1 storage box that can be flexibly arranged and combined in different ways. You can buy 1 or 2 boxes to suit your needs.  Weather-resistant: Powder coated aluminum frame and weather-resistant cushions allow use in outdoor conditions.   
  • Low-maintenance: Aluminum frame only requires occasional wiping to clean.
  • Multiple combinations: all your needs are met.


  • Set includes: 2 Double sofas, 1 corner sofa, 2 middle sofas , 1 coffee table , 1 lounge and 2 side tables.
  • Colors: Gray or white
  • Double Sofa: 69.3” L x 33.5” W x 9.8”/27.6”H 
  • Corner Sofa: 33.5” L x 33.5” W x 9.8”/27.6”H  
  • Middle Sofa:  26.8” L x 33.5” W x 9.8”/27.6”H
  • Coffee Table: 55.2” L x 31.5” W x 11.8” H
  • Lounge: 80.7” L x 29.5” W x 9.8”/47.2”H 
  • Side table: 13.8” L x 13.8” W x 17.7” H


The aluminum frame is 3.94”*1.97”*0.47” double ribbed with H-shaped feet. Powder coating is applied according to the sample color, charcoal gray 9970# or white 10235#.  

The tabletop is made of 0.59” thick FSC teak (K=K fully veered five-layer paper box 5.51” reinforced). The seat cushion is 5.12” high density sponge + 0.79” cotton = 5.91” thickness 2545#. The front of the seat cushion has an arc of 00*9.8”. The back cushion has a woven belt (belt TT-074-8 or TT-072-8). The same fabric is used for the back color (2328-024 or 2328-034).   

Product seat belt and legal mark are washable.  



set 1:white:2 double sofas + 2 middle sofas + 1 corner sofa + 1 table
set 2:gray:2 double sofas + 2 middle sofas + 1 corner sofa + 1 table
set 3:white:2 double sofas + 1 corner sofa + 1 table
set 4:gray:2 double sofas + 1 corner sofa + 1 table
set 5:gray:2 double sofas + 1 corner sofa + 1 table + 1 lounge
set 6:white:2 double sofas + 1 corner sofa + 1 table + 1 lounge + 2 side tables(one is complimentary)
set 7:2 white middle sofas + 2 gray middle sofas + 1 gray table
set 8:2 white middle sofas + 2 gray middle sofas + 1 white table



*Warranty: 12 Months






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