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    Outdoor Round Concrete Side Table in Gray

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    Product Description

    This outdoor side table is made of weatherproof lightweight concrete and has an eye-catching shape. It's durable enough to hold 200 pounds. Perfect for entertaining alone or for chatting with family and friends, it can hold any snack or drink, and it's more zen next to larger greenery.

    The appearance is a realistic wood grain style, which is truly unique. The appearance that you can't take your eyes off at a glance makes people yearn for nature. This small side table, the perfect decorative accessory for you and your furniture, can instantly transform your home or garden and enhance your taste. It is recommended to place non-slip feet under the side table to reduce noise when moving.

    Out of the box, it brings you great convenience and immerses you in a relaxing environment. 365 days manufacturer warranty and friendly customer service from date of purchase.


    • Color Option:Wood Brown/Gray/Brown
    • LxWxH:14.6 x 14.6 x 17 inch
    • Weight:29lb

    Warranty: 6 months


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