Standing Desk Mat Non-Slip Flat Kitchen Mat Anti-Fatigue Office Mat

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Product Overview


Non-slip texture structure surface and sloping edge design can protect you from tripping. The compound layer structure can effectively buffer the foot pressure and relieve fatigue. Easy to clean, easy to migrate, without affecting the normal working environment. High-performance anti-fatigue, relieve blood flow pressure in feet, improve your health index and safety factor.

  • 【ERGONOMIC DESIGN】 Chair mat offers great experience with daily work. It allows you to move your chair easily and helps to considerably reduce the risk of leg fatigue throughout the day.
  • 【SCUFF RESISTANT】 Chair mats are made from long life polyvinyl chloride. It is scuff resistant so they’ll stay looking neat and new.
  • 【ANTI-SLIP】 It is designed to use on all hard floor surfaces including tile, hardwood and stone etc. and the underside coated can prevent the mat slipping.
  • 【PROTECT FLOOR】 Protects all hard floor surfaces and remaining odor free and free from volatile toxic compounds to keep a healthy office environment.
  • 【EASY TO CLEAN】 Simply wipe your chair mat down with a soapy dishcloth if there are any spills. No worries about sticking.


  • Material: PVC
  • Color: Clear/Black
  • Indoor Use: Yes
  • Outdoor Use: No
  • Finish: Clear PVC
  • Commercial / Residential: Residential/Commercial
  • Machine Washable: No
  • Monogrammed: No

【Options & Specification】

Item No. Style  Dimension (Inch) Material Price($)
PVC-1 Clear Rectangle Shape  14.17*18.9*0.06 PVC  49.9
PVC-2 Clear Rectangle Shape  14.17*18.9*0.87 PVC  56.9
PVC-3 Black Wave Shape  22.05*26.38*3.15 PU(Surface,Body)+SBR Rubber(Bottom)    99.9
PVC-4 Black Rectangle Shape  20.08*41.73*0.79 PU(Surface,Body)+SBR Rubber(Bottom)   79.9
PVC-5 Black Rectangle Shape  20.08*39*0.79 100% PU  83.9
PVC-6 Clear Lip Shape with Nail for Hard Floor  36*48 PVC  56.9
PVC-7 Clear Rectangle Shape with Nail for Hard Floor  36*48 PVC  52..9
PVC-8 Clear Lip Shape with Nail for Hard Floor  30*48 PVC  69.9
PVC-9 Clear Rectangle Shape with Nail for Hard Floor
 30*48 PVC  73.9
PVC-10 Clear Rectangle Shape with Nail for Hard Floor
 30*48 PVC  73.9
PVC-11 Clear Rectangle Shape with Nail for Hard Floor  36*48 PVC  89.9
PVC-21 Black Wave Shape  28*23.8*3.1 PU+SBR  115.9
PVC-24 Green Rectangle Shape  20*32*0.7 PVC+PU+SBR  91.9
PVC-25 Black Rectangle Shape
 20*32*0.7 PVC+PU  79.9
PVC-26 Clear Rectangle Shape


PVC  72.9

* Warranty: 12 Months

* Warm Tips:

  • These mats may be rolled when packaged. In such cases, the PVC material may take a few hours to return to its original shape once unpacked.
  • The mat should be placed smooth side down (facing the floor), textured side up.