June Promotion details

  1. Limited Time Offer Codes: These codes are exclusively valid for items in the June Clearance Sale Section. They cannot be combined with any other promotions. This means that if you're looking to use these codes, you should ensure that the items you're buying are part of this specific clearance section.
  2. Free Rain Cover Gift: Customers who spend $999 or more in the June Carnival Area will receive a free rain cover as a gift. Like the first promotion, this offer cannot be combined with other promotions. So, if a customer qualifies for this gift, they must ensure that all items are purchased from the June Carnival Area to utilize this offer.
  3. Discount on Large Purchases: When a customer spends over $1999, they get a discount of $99. This discount applies across all products offered by the store. However, to qualify for this discount, at least one product in the shopping cart must be from the June Carnival Area. This promotion allows more flexibility as it covers all products but still encourages purchases from the carnival area.
  4. Promotion Deadline: All these promotions are valid until June 30th. After this date, these special offers will no longer be available, so customers should plan their purchases accordingly to take advantage of these deals before they expire.