It is extremely important to care, clean and maintain your garden furniture after purchase. Whether you purchase a cast aluminium set or a rattan set, we would always recommend take these steps to make sure your garden furniture lasts you a long time.


Always check your garden furniture to check for dirt and debris. This can be done by taking a broom to gently clear off the dirt and debris off the furniture. This should be done after every use of the furniture and once a week.


Garden furniture should be washed and cleaned annually. Cushion covers should also be handwashed or put on a delicate wash. A 30 degree wash would suit best with natural detergent. It is also important to bring the cushions in after use as weather elements could destroy them. These cushion covers should also be completely dried before they are put back on the cushions.


The best choice you can make when purchasing outdoor furniture is purchasing a cover for it. Purchasing a cover can prolong the life span of your garden set as well as protecting it from weather elements such as UV rays, snow, wind, rain or sleet.